Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to boost clever Children.

Raising children is one of their potential and helps to develop. Some studies show that certain activities & experiences, eldest son intelligence help to enjoy.

For music classes. It was a traditional piano, IQ or voice to raise several points after at least nine months. The advantage of the lessons of music, which are parts of the human brain with the mathematical tools, spatial analysis and other intellectual activities.

Talking with children when they are very small. Communicating is key, but some studies show that parents that kids are more intelligent that he speaks.

Putting children in the arts. Instrumental Music, dance, opera, visual Arts, theater, children learn reading, writing, mathematics & science. In addition, children learn the basic skills.

Support for active kids. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois have shown a strong link between academic achievement & physics among students in elementary school. After school, she was forced to resign from direct TV and games for children. Forum sports or other physical activities at school.

See, what they eat. Crops, sugar, unhealthy fats and other foods, baby, grooming, food rich in place can improve the physical and mental development of children, especially during the first 02 years of life.

Readout with your child, learn to ask for help. Learn the sounds of letters, reading, vocabulary and other forms of communication. Read with your child every day, starting in childhood, to focus on the goal, because at least one point and see the action.

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